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Malaysia Props Fabrication

About Us


Enterprop is more than just a custom design fabricator. We provide solutions based on the client's needs and requirements. We encourage interaction between the clients and Enterprop to achieve smoother progress, more effective solutions and most importantly, to meet our client's needs.


We listen, discuss and understand the client's ideas and merge their needs to form a solution. 

Malaysia Props Fabrication

We have wide knowledge in various materials that suitable to use as per project requirement and different price range. We also believe that different materials play different roles in different projects.


For example, for a shining and less heavy props, we would suggest polystyrene coated with epoxy.


For a structural product, we would suggest wood, steel or stainless steel.


For molding & casting, we would use Silicone, polyester or fibreglass. 


& Much more!

Malaysia Props Fabrication
Meeting Expectation

With our experience and expertise, we pledge to ensure that every product we fabricated meet the safety and client's expectation and quality requirement.

Malaysia Props Fabrication
Turning Imagination into Realiality

With Enterprop, your imagination are not limited and we are here to turn your imagination into reality.


Enterprop will help you by suggesting and recommending the best solution to make your imagination come true via our expertise of design & fabrication skills.

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